We simplifying business telecommunication for all businesses from start-ups to Enterprises. 

SME's Solutions, VoIP Solutions Provider.

We are Voips Telecom

Voips Telecom isn’t your typical telephony provider. We work together on extraordinary landline and telephony services just for you. Thousands of business clients use our services daily. We’ve stood for innovation and transparency for all our clients.


No Minimum Contracts

We want you to use our services because we’re good, not because you’re stuck in a contract you can’t get out of. That’s why all of our contracts are on a month to month basis.

Everything Online 

Manage your entire telephony easily online in your browser. You can use your features and change your settings everywhere and anytime.

Month to month

Everything different

Looking beyond and getting out of our comfort zone, doing things differently and keeping our customers focus, those are the factors that fuel us and make each day better.

Everything in One Place  

The best products are always a result of teamwork. That’s why we do everything ourselves – from developing to customer care, everything is done together and centrally in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour.

Start Now

Voips Telecom brings SMEs virtual landlines and mobile telecom solutions. Choose a virtual landline number from 65+ countries world-wide and take calls on your mobile. Register an account for free to view all features.

Contact Info

380 Bosman Street Pretoria, Central, Gauteng, ZA, 0002

087 057 5288

087 057 5288

With our VoIP Solution you call or receive calls anywhere in the world. No need for Fibre, ADSL, 5G or Wireless Internet with only LTE / 4G you can make and recieve your calls eithere in your smartphone or IP Deskphone.

VoIP Solution

Network Monitoring external Link

We always monitor our systems to insure uninterrupted calls and cloud hosted pbx. worry free and check our network status anytime anywhere

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