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SeasionTalk mobile app is extremely easy to use and already set up to work with your VOIP Landlines account. Gone are the days where you needed to enter long and confusing technical information to get your app registered and connected.

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Make Outgoing Calls
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“83% of customers are more likely to contact a business that has a landline advertised. It creates a sense of permanency.”

Voips Telecom brings SMEs virtual landlines and mobile telecom solutions. Choose a virtual landline number from 65+ countries world-wide and take calls on your mobile. Register an account for free to view all features.

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380 Bosman Street Pretoria, Central, Gauteng, ZA, 0002

[email protected]

087 057 5288

087 057 5288

With our VoIP Solution you call or receive calls anywhere in the world. No need for Fibre, ADSL, 5G or Wireless Internet with only LTE / 4G you can make and recieve your calls eithere in your smartphone or IP Deskphone.

VoIP Solution

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We always monitor our systems to insure uninterrupted calls and cloud hosted pbx. worry free and check our network status anytime anywhere

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